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One of the main concerns of future investors is how to buy a property in Miami. When making a Real Estate transaction, the first step that you must determine is the type of investment you want to make.

We highlight three different types:

  2. FLIPPING (purchase and sale of property in the short term)

Realty Miami Group will advise you so that your choice is the one that best suits the needs of the investors, taking into account certain basic concepts of the Real Estate industry.

Basic concepts of buying a property in Miami, Florida:

  1. Choosing a Florida-licensed Realtor. This professional is who will identify potential properties based on specific customer needs. You can include several areas and/or types of properties. In Florida this search is done primarily through a system database called MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which achieves complete integration of all properties that are currently available on the market and to connect all stakeholders in concrete real estate transactions. Realty Miami Group will make available to its investors all the tools and know-how necessary to identify the property that best suits the needs of the investors.
  2. Assembling the Contract Offer. This contract is a legal, legislated document based on Florida laws. This will be made in English and shall state all the clauses governing the parties stipulating the total amount offered, amount of earnest money, payment, starting date of the inspection period (soft phase) date from which the deposited funds become non-refundable (hard phase), name of the person making the offer, among other conditions. All provisions must be followed exactly as they were accepted to avoid penalties and/or cancellation of the contract. It is very important to work with the right, experienced people when making your offer, an error in it can become a bad deal. Realty Miami Group will work at all times to avoid headaches.
  3. Inspection Period. Once an offer is accepted, there will be a period of property inspection, during which it is advisable to hire an inspection company that will give a detailed statement and report of the use and conservation of the property indicating any potential problems that it may have. Realty Miami Group will make available to its investors the appropriate professionals for these reports.
  4. Designating the Real Estate attorney to carry forward the final process. This professional will be the one who studies the title of the property to be purchased, analyzes the closing documents and works to carry out the operation successfully and safely, complying with all Florida laws. This person is extremely important because he or she will conduct a thorough investigation on the legal status of the property, mainly through a database system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which achieves complete integration of all properties currently available in the market. Realty Miami Group will make available to its investors all the tools and know-how necessary to identify the property that best suits the needs of the investors.
  5. Choosing a correct legal person, for which a public accountant with experience in Real Estate will provide advice in this regard. Putting together a company is extremely easy and fast in the United States. Realty Miami Group will provide professional investors with extensive experience in this field, who will advise you on proper tax planning, providing important tax advantages, investment protection, different levels of anonymity and other benefits.

Realty Miami Group provides a comprehensive service so its investors are always provided with the most suitable and trained professionals in the Real Estate industry, so that investments are simple to implement and the returns can be maximized.


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